My Mission

My motivation behind teaching is to share my knowledge, in order to provide people with the necessary tools to take better care of their mental and physical health. With these tools, my aim is to enable you to have a more balanced and happy day-to-day life.

Sharing this passion with you is an honour and a privilege that I do not take lightly. My classes are a safe space for you to feel whatever needs to be felt, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you and find yourself in a community of like-minded people.

Yoga journey

My yoga journey started at the age of fourteen, mainly due to back pain. I have chronic back pain and moving my body is very important to keep the pain at bay. My practice has evolved and changed over the years, following the ebbs and flows of life. The beauty of yoga and life in general is, that the learning journey never ends; there are always new things to learn and investigate. I find this fascinating and humbling.

Being curious by nature, I really enjoy learning about different aspects of yoga and connecting it with other fields of knowledge, such as aromatherapy, astrology and psychology. Having studied psychology, my passion for yoga has been shaped by this curiosity about how we function as individuals and this is reflected in my personal practice and teaching method.

Life philosophy

Yoga to me is not just a trend or a physical workout; it is an integrated part of my life and a gateway to a balanced and fulfilling life. My approach to yoga is thus philosophical and deeply rooted in my Japanese background and curiosity for spirituality.

Life has taught me that nothing is permanent. When you learn to accept and embrace change and not resist it, life becomes easier. Same way for yoga, your practice will change and vary depending on how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally. When you begin to understand how your mind and your body functions co-dependently, it will open the door for you to consciously work with and not against your mind and body. You will then realise that it is not about attaining the picture perfect asana, but about what benefits yoga can bring to your life.

I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga with you and learning from you, as I remain a student first and foremost.

Isa Sato

     +32 492 77 33 29