Linking movement with breath

A relatively fluid sequencing of asanas, where you consciously breathe through each movement. The structure of the class is varied, but always includes a warm up, peak and cool down session.

Fixed series of asanas

Breath and movement is connected during this physically challenging practice, where you will heat up the body and be in a consciously mindful state.

A meditative practice

Holds asanas comfortably for several minutes. Focusing on connecting with yourself and your energetic body, in order to feel the movements and changes happening within you. A powerful but gentle practice that will release muscular and emotional tensions, whilst working on the deep connective tissues of your body. A practice, which enables you to be present in the moment and become a non judgmental observer of your thought pattern.

Playful yoga

A playful and age adapted sequencing. Integrating various games with a fun approach to yoga asanas, to benefit children in their overall physical and mental health, to help them navigate life comfortably.

Harmonising duality

Hatha yoga seeks balance between Yin and Yang, the moon and the sun. Aiming to harmonise the complementary energies present in oneself in order to find stability of the mind by working on the breath in the asanas.

Finding Balance

Yin Yang yoga has its roots in China and is inspired by the Taoist concepts of yin (a more internal, passive, feminine and refreshing energy) and yang (a more external, dynamic, masculine and warming energy).
Yin Yang yoga mixes two styles of yoga in one practice – combining the benefits of passive poses (Yin) working on deep and dense connective tissues and joints, with a more dynamic sequence (Yang) working on muscles, blood flow, stamina and flexibility.